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As a software company our mission is to provide you tools that will improve your quest for valuable information. Orbiscope Software are eyes observing global Internet environment.

Obrbiscope Observer

Advanced web pages watcher, track changes

Orbiscope Observer is a web monitoring software that can track changes in web pages and send you changes by email.

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Obrbiscope Metasearch

Advanced meta search on Search engines

Orbiscope Metasearch is the only meta search software who let you use advanced search from many search engines, including language, domain, time-range and document type.

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Obrbiscope Position

Watch your ranking in search engines

Orbiscope Position software will let you watch the position of your web site on search engines for specifics keywords.

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Our software will allow you to make a better use of your internet time. Now, you will spend more time on your professionals tasks.

We understands the competitive world in which you work.


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