Watch web page for change

Possible use
  • News watch
  • Strategic monitoring
  • Internet web Page project
  • Multiple auction watch
  • Job search
  • Financial watching
  • School Class web site watch
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Business intelligence


Orbiscope Position

Monitor your position in search engines



Orbiscope Observer

Web page watcher features

Advanced functions of Orbiscope Observer


Your competitors are watching your Web site. Are you doing the same? Beware of ignored change with Orbiscope Observer.

Watch web site and make your own monitor panel

Orbiscope Observer can combine your Web site watches into separate folders and generate different reports containing all changes occurred on a watched pages. Save time and avoid being surprised by changes. Track thousand of web pages.

Orbiscope will let you easily monitor your competitor's pages and make you take strategic business decisions. Download a trial version of Orbiscope Observer and start a competitive intelligence process now.

Watch web page with precisions

Keep track of products prices

You have many auctions to watch? You want to know specific value of a company share? Orbiscope let you monitor all kind of data including numerical value. It could be the price of a CD or results from sport match. Orbiscope really is more then a web site watcher. It is competitive intelligence software.

Watch for new documents

Orbiscope let you watch and collect new documents of any type on a web page. It can download them automatically and alert you by email.

Watch for new Links.

Your monitoring agents can react only when new links did appear in web page. This option let you watch new product, news or new web page on a site.

Watch for specifics word to appear

Get alerted only when the word you want is appearing on a Web page. You can watch for a particular product or online newspaper title. This way, know what they are saying about your product on the Internet.

Web page up or down.

Be alerted by email when your web site is down.

Create web pages or RSS Watch by Batch.

This is a new feature in Orbiscope Observer: you can now create watch by batch.

EX: If you want to watch a list of results in Google. You can now create them from a word list and create them in a simple click. Massive web monitoring will never be as easy as that.

Be informed and choose how

Orbiscope let you choose a large variety of way to react from page change and watch results

View changes highlighted

Auto run Software.

When a web page changes, you can start a program.

Alert by Email

Be alerted by email on a website's change. If you choose to watch a price, you will receive an email each time a change as occurred with value inside email. If you choose to watch for new links, you will receive them by email.

Download new documents.

If You want to know only when PDF files appear on a page, Orbiscope Observer can watch for you any kind of files.

Share your website's watch

Orbiscope can automatically put the report on a Web page and let all your coworkers see the results of your web watch. See an example here

Download Orbiscope Observer for free

Create watch by batch

Orbiscope let you automate the creation of tracked webpage

Create watch from a word list

Get all pages with numbers in URL


See what Orbiscope Observer can do for:


With Orbiscope Observer's image watch Panel, traders will save time by grouping all stocks charts.

Small business Owner

Watch your competitor's websites in a glanc; watch them in news, search engines, Observe your business field trends by seeing all changes in important web pages.


Be the first to see news from many sources around the world.

Marketing management

See marketing web strategies of your competitors; see new trends by watching hundreds of web site in your business field.

News addict

Gather in Orbiscope Observer all news sites. This way you will reed only new content.
With his RSS watch combined with great RSS provider such as Yahoo, multiple source will not be synonym of information overload because it will act like a filter.

Ebay professionals

With Orbiscope Observer you will track prices for many products. This software will allow you to watch auction price every minutes!

Download Orbiscope Observer trial


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