Watch RSS feed

Orbiscope Observer is also a handy RSS tool :

Possible watch; RSS feed -> Track change in RSS feeds

rss RSS is a file format used by news website to built feed of information always updated. But you need tool to read RSS feeds.

Orbiscope Observer is more than a simple website watcher; RSS is among supported files. This way Observer is also a powerful RSS reader.

With RSS feeds, you can easily track hundreds of news website and with Orbiscope Observer tracking only new content; you will save a lot time reading only new titles.

  • Be alerted only when a specific word appear in a RSS feed
  • View changes in RSS Highlighted
  • Receive changed RSS feeds by email
  • This RSS tool let you keep old version of an RSS feed

RSS monitoring

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RSS tool : Creation of a new RSS task

RSS tool of Orbiscope Observer have same parameters as a normal web page watcher. This is the reason why our software is more complete than a simple RSS reader

As you can see, Orbiscope Observer is more than a simple web page monitoring software; It is also a powerfull RSS tool.

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