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Orbiscope Observer
[ Web page Monitoring software ]

Advanced Web pages watcher, track changes

Orbiscope Observer is a Web page monitoring software that can track changes in web pages and alert you by email. Automated website monitoring. Be alerted when a word appear.
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Get email alert
Track change in RSS feed
Track prices on online store
View changes highlighted on the Web page

Orbiscope Position
[ Search engine ranking software ]

Watch your website search engines' ranking

Orbiscope Position software will let you watch the position of your Web site on search engines for specifics keywords and let you compare your ranking with competitors.
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Easy to use, results simple
Automatic search engine update

Compare your ranking with your competitors
No technical skill required.


Orbiscope Metasearch
[ Metasearch software ]

Advanced meta search on search engines

Orbiscope Metasearch is the only meta search software who let you use advanced search from many search engines, including language, domain, time-range and document type.read more about this search softwareread more

Ask questions
Add your sites & Search engines
Track prices
Save your search

As a software company our mission is to provide you tools that will improve your quest for valuable information

More about Orbiscope Metasearch

Orbiscope Meta search is a metasearch software that will dramatically change the way you manage your quest for precise information.

While being a fast and precise metasearch engine, Orbiscope is also a web page monitoring software.

A web page watcher who works by category : manage large numbers of watchs with simplicity by grouping your different web page monitoring.

Orbiscope Meta search is a Software 2 in 1 and his agents will help you save time

  • With better serch results
  • Monitor all your web page in one shot


Search software & simple Web page monitoring

Orbiscope Metasearch has a special filter : to keep search results only from the 1200 universities web site around the world

Orbiscope Meta search have more then 90 search engine

Orbiscope Meta search is also a web page watcher that let you produce an automatic web page, uploaded in your FTP server


Orbiscope Observer 1.7.2
Create watch by batch

Orbiscope Position 2
Watch your position in search engine

Orbiscope Meta search 1.5 : new Version Download free trial

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Orbiscope Observer

Orbiscope Position

Orbiscope Metasearch



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