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Advanced metasearch software

Orbiscope Meta search 1.5 new features

-Save your questions results in HTML format

  • Example 1 : result from question : What is competitive intelligence

  • Example 2: result from question : Who is Marvin minsky

  • Example 3: result from question : What is Data mining

  • More

-Save your search results in HTML

-Save your Log from websites watch

While being a fast and precise meta search engine, Orbiscope Meta search have also been made for professional of internet search. If you use advanced search, this software is for you. With his university filter, Orbiscope can find real information. Trust you search results.

Orbiscope Meta search allows you to add your own search engines and favourite Web sites. Grab search forms on a web site and use them within Orbiscope Meta Search.

Orbiscope Metasearch has:

  • More than 80 search engines, including the most popular ones from the Web. We have selected the best search engines for each category.

  • A precise interrogation on all major search engines (with options such as Boolean operators, documents, country codes...).

  • Possibility to keep only results from universities web pages.

  • Agents can be customized to learn words in relation with your search and can then suggest you better results.

Orbiscope Metasearch is the only one to offer you :

  • Picture Metasearch ( more than 8 image search all in one )

  • Ask question in natural language and get real answers, making possible to have clears answers and fast information on subjects not found in dictionaries

  • Avoid personal or commercial home pages.

  • Avoid pages and sites you don't want in your search results anymore. You can build your own search filter.

  • 13 metasearch categories different from usual meta search software. We made it useful for someone who search other things than cars and gifts

Orbiscope Metasearch is also a Web monitoring tool: an efficient web page watcher


More example of advanced search displayed as questions results

  • Example 4: result from question : What is Business intelligence?
  • Example 5: result from question : What is Knowledge management?

With his categories based on web agent technology Orbiscope Metasearch is software that let you manage your special searches in a structured way. You can built, then associate them for accurate search.


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