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Advanced Web page watcher

Possible Use

  • News watch
  • Strategic monitoring
  • Internet web Page project
  • Team work diffussion
  • Multiple auction watch
  • Job search
  • Financial watching
  • School Class web site watch
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Business intelligence


For an advanced web page watcher see our product: Orbiscope Observer

Search & watch web site, detect changes.

Your competitors are watching your Web site. Are you doing the same? Beware of ignored changes.

Orbiscope meta search is also an internet tool to monitor specific Web sites for changes. Be the first to know when changes occurred in a web site. Detect new links or new words.

Whit his agents, Orbiscope can combine your Web site watches into separate agent categories and generate different reports containing all changes occurred on watched pages. Save time and avoid being surprised by changes by tracking thousand of sites.

Orbiscope will let you easily monitor your competitor's pages and make you take strategic business decision.

Downloading a trial version of Orbiscope software and start a competitive intelligence process now.

Watch for new documents

Orbiscope let you watch and collect new documents of any type on a web page. It can download them automatically and alert you by email.

Keep track of auction price or tickers value.

You have many auctions to watch ? You want to know specific value of a company share ? Orbiscope let you monitor all kind of data including numerical value. It could be the price of a CD or results from sport match. Orbiscope realy is more then a web site watcher. It is a competitive intelligence software.

watch value

Example of value tracking in Orbiscope Metasearch

See the tutorial How to watch a value on a financial web site

Watch for new Links.

Your monitoring agents can react only when new links appears in the page. This option let you watch new product, news or new web page on a site.

Watch for specifics word to appear

Get alerted only when the word you want is appearing on a page. You can watch for a particular product or online newspaper title. This way, know what they are saying about your product in Internet.

Web page Up or Down.

Be alerted when your web site is down.

download a web site watcher software

Share your site's watch

Orbiscope can automatically put the report on a Web page and let all your coworkers see the results of your Web watch. See an example here

Orbiscope NetBot agent lets you choose a variety of reactions to inform you, from the simple alert to the launch of a particular program and the automatic download of new documents.

Be informed and choose how

Orbiscope let you choose a large variety of way to react from page change and watch results

Autorun Software.

When a web page change, you can start a program.

Alert by Email

Be alert by email on a site's change. If you choose to watch a numeric value, you will receive a email each time a change as occurred, the value inside the email. If you choose to watch for new links, you will receive them by email.

Download new documents.

You only want to know when PDF files appear on a page? Orbiscope agent's can watch for you any kind of files.

Share your netbot Agent !

Orbiscope offer the possibility to share your netBot Agent with others Orbiscope user by exporting them. This way you can make you own web site watch agent and sale them to clients or share them with business partners.


Orbiscope Offer the possibility to host your webLog monitoring (The web page auto-generated by Orbiscope's Web page monitoring agent )


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