Watch web pages for changes

Possible use
  • News watch
  • Strategic monitoring
  • Internet web Page project
  • Auction watch
  • Job search
  • Day trading
  • School Class web site watch
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Business intelligence


Orbiscope Position

Monitor your position
in search engines



Orbiscope Observer

Get notified when a Web page change

Watch Web pages and RSS feeds

Orbiscope Observer is a Web page monitoring software that can track changes in Web pages and alert you by email.

Easily watch Web pages, track changes.

Once upon a time... newspaper was enough to know about market trends. Now there is Internet. How does your company manage competitors website?

Automated website watcher

Advanced watcher; easy to use

Keep track of product prices, watch bids

Watch for new documents on a Web page

Track changes in RSS feeds, monitor news websites

View changes highlighted

Watch for specifics words on news website

Monitor if a Web page is up or down.

Include browser and search engine shortcuts.

Keep all Web pages versions .

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Your competitors are watching your website. Are you doing the same? Beware of ignored change with Orbiscope Observer.

Download Orbiscope Observer

OS:Windows XP/2000/NT/Me/
Req: 300mhz , 64 M ram

Download time

Version 1.8.1
English , French ,14,9m

link [Orbiscope_Observer]


Buy Orbiscope Observer

1 user: Personal Licence

Buy Orbiscope Observer for only $45,95 USD

  •  Free upgrade for one year
  •  Receive your licence key within 24 hours

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1 user: Corporate licence

Buy Orbiscope Observer for only $59,95 USD

  •  Free upgrade for one year
  •  Receive your licence within 5 minutes

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